Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant applies only to the Windsor Division portion of AxFlow’s business in the United Kingdom. Total company employees in the UK number 80 and 23 of these are directly involved in the activities based in the Windsor Division.

AxFlow Ltd acquired Thames Valley Pumps Ltd on 1st November 2011. Thames Valley thenceforth operated as the Building Services Division of AxFlow Limited. The Royal Warrant was transferred from Thames Valley Pumps to AxFlow – Building Services Division.

We also install new pumping equipment. Motors, blowers and mechanical seals are repaired or replaced. Our work is very much “hands – on” at the customers location, often in a “call – out” situation. The principle raw materials used in pumpsets are metal, most commonly cast iron in pumps and copper windings in motors. Pumps and motors are not disposable items and the AxFlow Windsor Division business plan is the development of service/repair programmes that extend the working life of capital equipment.

This is in the interest of the equipment user (lower lifetime costs) the interest of the environment (we don’t need to mine new metal) and sustains local employment. Recent developments have seen the introduction of high efficiency electric motors and we utilise these to reduce the energy consumption – carbon footprint. There are very few waste products from our operational activities because we are not a manufacturer. When equipment is scrapped we retrieve and recycle the metal elements. As part of its ISO 9001 quality policy AxFlow monitors its supplier performance.

Non - Compliances are recorded and reported. AxFlow can trace its roots back to 1960 and we have always prided ourselves on the establishment of long term relationships with both customers and suppliers. Our suppliers work hard to meet our high expectations for quality and support. At company level sustainability policy and responsibility rests with Managing Director – Tony Peters. 

AxFlow work closely with the Environmental Agency on the repair and refurbishment of flood protection pumps. Some of the units being more than 50 years old were returned to “as – new” condition by ingenious repairs to the bronze impellers and special casing coatings to improve efficiency. We look upon ourselves as a company that is “Good to work with” and “Makes things happen to get the job done” and “We think long term” AxFlow have joined the May Day Network.

Since acquisition in November 2011 the Windsor business has been going through a process of integration. All items noted in Annex B – Meeting the Environmental Criteria are agenda points for the AxFlow Quality Review / Health & Safety Meeting 12th July 2012. AxFlow as a company will focus on the Environmental Criteria points to satisfy their requirements. AxFlow’s Environmental and Social Policy is posted on our website.

AxFLow's Environmental and Social Policy PDF