AxFlow Service

As we all know, pumps have moving and electrical parts which will degrade over time so, unless you want to replace them every couple of years and put up with the associated disruption to your processes - good maintenance is vital.


A typical Total Pump Life Cycle Cost analysis (based on 12 hours per day 220 days per year) indicates that energy consumption over a 5 year period represents 4.5 times that of the initial purchase price.  Not surprisingy, over 10 years the ratio jumps to 9 times the pump’s purchase price.

Optimum performance is one of the simplest ways of reducing a pump’s power consumption.



At AxFlow we like to keep things simple   

That’s why our pump support service is comprehensive but uncomplicated.  

There’s no “clever” philosophical concept behind it or convoluted contract 

- it has just 3 parts:

     Pump Life Costs

FR Installation



        FR maintenance & repair  










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