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The Mono Muncher is a range of twin shaft, slow speed, high torque grinders that macerate solids within a flow. Each shaft is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters and spacers to give real 'positive displacement' solids grinding. Once solids become trapped in the slowly revolving cutter stacks, the differential speed of the cutter stacks pull apart fibrous material, crop and shear plastic into small pieces and crush friable or brittle material.

The Muncher has been successfully installed for over 25 years into the following applications:-

  • protection of pumps to eliminate blockage
  • high volume, fine grinding of sewage and sludges
  • efficient maceration of extracted screenings, prior to treatment
  • bulk reduction, material reclamation and profit from waste
  • effective packaged pumping system  when combined with a Mono pump



Mono A Muncher

Engineered and improved through 35 years experience in waste water grinding

Mono F Muncher

The Series F Muncher is a heavy duty grinder, ideal for bulk reduction, material reclamation and profit from waste.

Mono SB Muncher

Designed as an effective grinder and to replace high speed macerators, the SB Muncher can save up to 85% of the energy requirements of a...

Mono TR Muncher

One of the latest generation twin shaft grinder.

Manufacturer Product
Manufacturer Product