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Valves icon large We offer complete range of hygienic valves.

Including Butterfly, Single Seat, Mixproof, Ball, Aseptic, Regulating and Process Valves. Built to the highest hygienic and aseptic standards and designed for CIP use. Ehedg, 3A, PMO & FDA approved APV Valves are modular, adaptable & easy to maintain. Control unit options include Direct Connect, AS Interface, Valve-Net DeviceNet, Valve-Net Profibus.v

Product highlights

APV DELTA MS4 and MSP4 Aseptic Valves

Aseptic single seat valves designed for aseptic applications in, beverage,...

APV DELTA SD4 & SDM4 Mixproof Valves

APV DELTA SDM4 double seal valves are flow valves designed for safe media...

APV DELTA SI2 Process Valve

Designed for applications in brewing, soft-drinks, dairy and food processing...

APV DELTA SV and SVS Butterfly Valves

The APV DELTA butterfly valves are stop valves.

APV DELTA SW4 Single Seat Valves

DELTA SW4 hygienic single seat valve: a modern, highly versatile single seat...

APV DELTA VRA and VRAH Process Vales

DELTA VRA and VRAH Vacuum Valves