Vacuum Pumps & Gas Compressors

AxFlow provides reliable, high quality vacuum pumps and compressors with features and performance necessary for all demanding Gas applications.

Vacuum pumps are positive displacement pumps, designed to operate safely and continuously in Gas environments, used as a vacuum pump but can also be used as a gas compressor.

The constructions are extremely reliable and are well known for very low maintenance . The vacuum pumps AxFlow provide, give years of  uninterrupted operation and high customer satisfaction

These pumps fits a wide range of processes and segments, all from Pulp & Paper, Mining-, Chemical-, Power-,  Petrochemical-, Pharmaceutical-, OEM-, Printing, Food and beverage and Environmantal industries as well as General manufacturing.

Pump types

AODD_pump_icon_large Centrifugal Pumps

AODD pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Drum Pumps

Eccentric disc pumps Gear pumps  Metering pumps
Eccentric Disc Pumps
Gear Pumps
Metering Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps Piston Pumps Progressive Cavity pumps
 Peristaltic Pumps Piston Pumps Progressive Cavity Pumps
Rotary lobe, circumfriental pumps Rotary vane pumps Screw pumps
Circumferential Pumps
Rotary Vane Pumps
Screw Pumps
Vacuum pumps    
Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps