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Apprenticeship program „Start now!”

15 октомври 2017 г.

With the Axel Johnson International apprenticeship program you can take the opportunity to build a long-term career within your company.

About the apprenticeship program

The program includes two training sessions consisting of two theoretical phases of practical work, seminars and courses. At the beginning of the year, you will get a project, the results of which should be presented at the end of the program to the group's management.

Your apprenticeship will alternate. There may be smaller technological, business development or market research essays, or synchronous tasks running under a larger project.

If you successfully complete the program, we offer a permanent job at our company. During the apprenticeship you will be able to build relationships, incorporate into the system, and become acquainted with yourself. In the future, of course, Axel Johnson International's internal labor market is at your disposal.

The apprenticeship program is started for M.Sc. and B.Sc. The program will start on November 1, 2017. We are looking for strong, entrepreneurial, ambitious candidates with technical and commercial interest. You need to be able to recognize new opportunities and not be able to retreat before the challenges.

What we offer:

- an opportunity for rapid progress

- international environment

- a long-term strong owner

- insights into a large number of workspaces in a much shorter time than is usually possible

- a unique opportunity for networking during the program

We are looking for a candidate who:

- stands at a high level of education and is able to develop into a future leader

- is commercial-oriented and willing to develop relationships or contacts with clients

- is interested in technology and engineering solutions

- sociable and good-natured.

Vocational Practice Information Sheet

Position: Technology Process Planning Consultant

Officer company: AxFlow EOOD


Job description, tasks: Technical support of mechanical engineer sales staff during design of pump systems

Expected qualifications / studies: 

- chemical engineering

- mechanical Engineer

- electrical engineering

- energy

Expectations: interest in flow-related knowledge

Language skills: English - general secondary education

Work experience (how many years are needed /advantegous): 0

Offered monthly income: EUR 2.5/ hour

Place of work: home/office

Start of employment: 01.11.2017

Comment: After successful professional practice, part-time employment is the goal

Application materials are available for the following contact details, applicants can contact our following staff for questions:

Ms. Hanna Marushchak

Mobile: +359 882 446 524