Our vision, mission, our promise – fluidity.nonstop and our values FAR SIGHTED, GOOD TO WORK WITH and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN – they all keep us pulling in the same direction. That’s efficient. That’s sustainable. It’s rewarding and it is fun.

For us, sustainability is not just a word. It’s about being here in the future and getting there responsibly. We belong to a strong family business dating back more than 140 years and therefore it is in our DNA to look at the long-term. Together with our owners Axel Johnson International we have a clear strategy on how to drive sustainable operation and a concrete action plan.

  • We work to optimize a resource-efficient, responsible and sustainable operation
  • We ALWAYS target offering our customers the most energy-efficient solutions for their business
  • And we strive to be a good employer and a good citizen wherever we operate, nurturing diversity and promoting social responsibility.

What exactly do we do to make a difference?

Measuring Sustainability Performance

In monitoring the sustainability performance of our Group, we have agreed on performance metrics that capture the relevant issues facing the operations of our businesses. These metrics target our environmental, social and financial performance.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct seeks to ensure that our suppliers operate in accordance to internationally recognised standards on human rights, labour and the environment. If there is a gap between requirements and performance, we support the supplier to overcome it. Read more here.

Employee Code of Ethics

The code of ethics addresses the rights and responsibilities of all Group employees and covers ethical issues at the individual level as well as providing policies to guide business practices. It is a reminder that every action matters, every day. All employees throughout the Group acknowledge the code of ethics.

Training makes practice. Practice makes perfect. Sustainability Training

All employees at AxFlow participate in a digital training course called The Sustainability Journey. The training is an important part of our systematic work towards more sustainable business model, as it provides a foundation for informed decisions in the future.


Being the natural hub between customers and fluid handling manufacturers, transportation is an area which we can influence the most. Therefore we constantly seek to optimize our supply chain and we put high demand on the carriers. To begin with, all road freights from our European distribution centre in The Netherlands are CO2 compensated.