Sustainable AxFlow, what does it mean? Sustainability is an increasingly important subject for our society and has been identified as a key focus area for the Axel Johnson Group.

AxFlow are expected to drive initiatives and track our progress within 4 different areas.

  • Sustainable Customer Offering
  • Good Employer
  • Sustainable production
  • Resource efficient operations/business

This led us to formulate a Sustainability Strategy for AxFlow, which naturally is aligned with the overall Axel Johnson strategy.

AxFlow should contribute to sustainable and energy efficient operations in the process industry as well as minimize its negative impact on the environment and the society.

We have chosen a few focus areas for measuring our progress.

Main focus areas:

  • Promote energy efficient fluid handling solutions -  for the whole life cycle of products
  • Establish AxFlow as a leading, highly competent company within its field, for sustainable solutions
  • Together with our suppliers develop tools for selection and promotion of products from a sustainability perspective
  • Engage in development of new energy efficient and environmental friendly products and solutions

Minimize negative impact:

  • Assure high CSR standard from all suppliers in the supply chain – applying AxInter Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Promote sustainability as a key area towards our suppliers of products and services
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from freights and personal transports (company cars and travels)
  • Reduce waste and promote re-cycling and re-use in our operations
  • Reduce internal energy consumption by increased awareness and new technology


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