Eccentric disc pump

Sliding-vane-pump-icon-large Mouvex Eccentric disc pump technology

AxFlow have been supplying  Mouvex  eccentric disc pumps for many years.

Mouvex eccentric disc pumps have many advantages:

  • There are no mechanical seals thus eliminating leaks and reducing maintenance time. 
  • With its clean-in-place capability, flushing and cleaning take place without disassembly.  
  • Eccentric disc pumps can dry prime.
  • The peristaltic like pumping action of an eccentric rotating disc pump results is sensative with low shear characteristics. 

With the recommendation of the EHEDG(European Hygenic Equipment Design Group) and a 3A approval certification the stainless steel models are ideal for sanitary applications.


Mouvex S Series

Standard hygienic eccentric disc pumps

Mouvex C Series

High specification hygienic eccentric disc pumps

Manufacturer Product
Manufacturer Product