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Eccentric Disc Pumps

Eccentric Disc Pumps

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Mouvex Eccentric disc pump technology

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The unique eccentric disc operating principle from Mouvex features a disc that moves on an eccentric plane within a circular channel. In addition to the operational advantages inherent in this type of pump operation, eccentric disc pumps provide flow rates that vary minimally with changes in viscosity, temperature, system back-pressure and component wear. The result is typical product recovery rates of 60% to 80% when compared to other technologies like lobe or external circumferential piston pumps. 




  • Eccentric Disc pumps have no mechanical seals therefore prevents leakage and reduces the maintenance time.
  • Due to its clean-in-place capability, cleanliness is easily maintained without any dismantle.
  • They are self- priming and can dry prime.
  • Eccentric Disc pumps runs on a lower linear speed.
  • Consistent performance over time because of the automatic disc/cylinder adjustment. 
  • Combines low-shear with high-volume efficiency.
  • The pumped product is constantly renewed.
  • There's no effect on the output brought by viscosity variation.
  • Ideal for product recovery. 

Due to the aforementioned advantages hence makes it an ideal pump for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic applications. 


  • Eccentric Disc pumps should be utilized in situations when one's aiming for an alleviated costs on the targeted product recovery.
  • For less product waste and improved cost effectiveness, eccentric disc pumps should be used as a result of their line-clearing and stripping capabilities.
  • For increased operating efficiencies in process plants where pumps are used for a variety of repeated yet intermittent operations, eccentric disc pumps are those pumps which are great fit in this case as they are self-priming. 


  • AxFlow have supplied eccentric disc pumps for over 30 years.
  • AxFlow are the UK's market leaders when it comes to positive displacement pumps so know which is the best pump to use when it comes to any given application.
  • AxFlow have technical service centres spread across the UK and specialists in the repair of all PD pumps including eccentric disc pumps.

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