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APV is one of the most respected names within the Food Processing Sector.

The APV product portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers and homogenizers, designed to operate at maximum efficiency in today’s modern process plants. Engineering excellence, innovative design and stringent quality control ensure that the APV range complies with the highest standards for hygiene and performance.

APV producten_PuffThe necessity to deliver consistently safe, high quality products requires manufacturers to make plant hygiene a top priority. APV’s process products are designed for easy cleanability, while minimizing the use of valuable resources such as energy. Many APV branded products have built-in intelligence for improved efficiency and total integration with modern control and automation systems.

All APV products are designed to meet international standards such as 3-A, USDA, ASME, EHEDG, FDA and the European CE Mark. APV is also helping its customers meet food safety legislation such as EC 178/2002 and the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.

APV's product range breaks down into 4 main areas:

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Products from this manufacturer

APV DW Pump Range

The 26 DW models are hygienic, 3-A and EHEDG approved and cover all requirements from 3 litres /100 revs to 1016 litres/100 revs. Maximum...

APV R Series

The R pumps are ideal for the type of application where the metal rotor pump will not work effectively. The R pump design utilises a...

APV Puma+ Pumps

Ideal for standard applications in the brewery, beverage, food and dairy industries, APV PUMA+ series comprises 3 basic pump...

APV W+ Pumps

W+ is a comprehensive range of premium sanitary end-suction centrifugal pumps. The W+ pump series consist of 17 standard models with...

APV Whp+ High Pressure Pumps

The pumps are designed to withstand system pressures up to 60 bar (870 psi) — such as those in certain reverse osmosis systems.

APV Wi+ Inducer Pumps

The unique feature of  Wi+ pums is that the low NPSH requirement is kept to a minimum throughout its entire operating range. The...

APV W+ Self Priming Pumps

The ability to pump both fluid and entrained air makes the Ws+ ideal for difficult CIP return applications.

Welded Heat Exchangers

Paraweld Welded Heat Exchangers

APV Scraped Heat Exchangers

HDRT and HEXRT heat exchangers are designed to handle highviscosity products in heating, cooling, crystallising and freezing applications.

APV Tube-in Tube Heat Exchangers

Tube-in Tube Heat Exchanger, for food applications with particles.

DELTA MS4 and MSP4 Aseptic Valves

Aseptic single seat valves designed for aseptic applications in, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

DELTA API Aseptic Valves

The DELTA AP1 valve is an aseptic diaphragm valve, which comes in two versions - the Techno and the Econo.


DELTA VRA and VRAH Vacuum Valves

DELTA VRN Process Valve

DELTA VPN non-return Valve

DELTA UF and UFR Process Valves

DELTA UF pressure relief valves to protect installations against excess pressure.

DELTA SI2 Process Valve

Designed for applications in brewing, soft-drinks, dairy and food processing applicaitons as well as for hygienic applications in...

DELTA RUF3 Process Valve

Reliable non-return Valve

DELTA PR2 Process Valves

If product safety is your top priority, you should use sampling valves DELTA PR2 from APV. 

DELTA KHV Process Valves

The DELTA KHV valve is a single-seat ball valve for non-hygienic applications, e.g. steam or glycol applications. It is a cost effective...

DELTA CPV Process Valve

To keep a constant pressure, the free flow section at the valve seat is reduced or enlarged by the valve cone.

DELTA SV and SVS Butterfly Valves

The APV DELTA butterfly valves are stop valves.

APV DELTA SW mini4 Single Seat Valve

Ideal for applications in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries.

APV DELTA SW4 Single Seat Valve

DELTA SW4 hygienic single seat valve: a modern, highly versatile single seat valve.

APV DELTA M4 MP4 Single Seat Valves

An aseptic single-seat valve available in on/off, change-over, and tank-outlet versions.

APV DELTA SWcip4 Mixproof Valve

A mixproof valve especially for CIP-applications.

APV DELTA SD4 SDM4 Mixproof Valves

APV DELTA SDM4 valves are (double seal) safe flow valves designed for safe media separation.

APV DELTA DKR Mixproof Valve

Double seat ball valves APV DELTA DKR are proving their worth day by day in the fields of brewing, drinks technology, dairies and the food ...


Due to its hygienic design, the APV DELTA DE3 valve is ideal for applications in industries such as brewery, beverage, dairy, as well as...

APV DELTA DA3+ Mixproof Valves

Based on more than 25 years' experience in double-seat valve production, SPX now introduces the new APV DELTA DA3+ double-seat mixproof...

APV DELTA CU4 Control Unit - Direct Control

APV DELTA CU4 Direct connect control units are compatible with most PLC systems.

APV DELTA CU4 Control Unit - AS Interface

With the APV DELTA CU4 AS-interface control unit you can improve your process profitability.

APV DELTA RGE4 Regulating Valve

Designed for continuous flow control and equipped with a diaphragm actuator and positioner. 

APV Laboratory Homogenizers

These compact and versatile homogenizers were specifically developed for R&D laboratories.

APV Rannie Homogenizer

3-plunger homogenizer, equipped with a Mono-Block or a Three-Piece valve housing.

APV Gaulin and Rannie Homogenizers

Two famous names in the world of homogenizers.

APV High Pressure Rannie 132T/Gaulin

3-plunger homogenizer, equipped with a Three-Piece valve housing.

Rannie 132Q/Gaulin 132Q

5-plunger homogenizer, equipped with a Mono-Block or a Three-Piece valve housing.

APV Rannie Gaulin 185Q Homogenisers

The APV 185Q is a high performancehomogeniser, capable of functioning at flow ratesup to 50,000 litres per hour and pressures of 650 bar.

APV Rannie Gaulin 125T Homogenizers

The APV 125T homogeniser is a three plunger,reciprocating pump, fitted with asingle-stage homogenising valve (two-stageoptional) with...

APV Rannie & Gaulin 5 homogenisers

The Rannie 5 / Gaulin 5 homogeniser, a positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plunger pump.

APV Rannie & Gaulin 15 homogeniser

The Rannie 24 / Gaulin 24 homogeniser, a positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plunger pump

APV Rannie & Gaulin 24 homogeniser

The Rannie 24 / Gaulin 24 homogeniser, a positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plunger pump

APV Rannie & Gaulin 55 homogeniser

The Rannie 55 / Gaulin 55 homogeniser, a positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plunger pump

APV Rannie & Gaulin 75 homogeniser

The Rannie 75 / Gaulin 75 homogeniser is a positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plunger pump.