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APV by SPX Flow

The APV product portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers, and homogenizers, designed to operate at maximum efficiency in today's modern process plants.

AxFlow is APV's exclusive distributor for the UK

Engineering excellence, innovative design, and stringent quality control ensure that the APV range complies with the highest standards for hygiene and performance.

The necessity to deliver consistently safe, high-quality products requires manufacturers to make plant hygiene a top priority. APV's process products are designed for easy cleanability while minimizing the use of valuable resources such as energy. Many APV branded products have built-in intelligence for improved efficiency and total integration with modern control and automation systems.

 All APV products are designed to meet international standards such as 3-A, USDA, ASME, EHEDG, FDA and the European CE Mark. APV is also helping its customers meet food safety legislation such as EC 178/2002 and the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.

APV's product range breaks down into 4 main areas: 




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AxFlow hold over 1.6 million euros of APV products and spare parts in stock

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