Mixers are needed in many industries working with fluids. AxFlow offers a wide range of mixers from leading manufacturers such as Lightnin and Plenty, with features adapted to each type of need.

With our represented brands, AxFlow is able to provide the optimal solution for every requirement both in the field of top entry mixers and side entry mixers. The proposed mixers are able to satisfy even the most demanding needs!

AxFlow have the most extensive experience in applications for petroleum products, vegetable oils, paper industry.

After a careful phase of analysing the customer requirements, the project is directly followed by the technical staff that will ensure the realization of a satisfying delivery. After a phase of quality control and verification of specifications, although it is not required no test post production, the mixers is shipped directly to the customer.

Our technical service will, upon request, some supervise the installation and testing, or directly install the mixer.