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AxFlow UK is proud to present a range fo products selected for drainage performance, featured below.


A package pumping station provides an economic and efficient way of installing a drainage system.  These systems are suitable for various applications including mechanical building services, collection and pumping of liquids such as surface water, wastewater or sewage from areas where drainage by gravity is not possible.

A package pumping station is an integrated system, built in a housing manufactured from strong, impact-resistant polyethylene or glass-reinforced plastic. The unit is supplied with internal pipework fitted, pre-assembled ready for installation into the ground, after which the submersible pumps and control equipment are fitted.  Features may include controls for fully automatic operation; a high-level alarm indication, in the event of pump failure; and possibly a guide-rail/auto-coupling/pedestal system, to permit easy removal of pumps for maintenance.

AxFlow UK Ltd has over 50 years experience in selling and designing packaged pumping stations.  We can provide systems for a wide range of services from the small domestic property up to the largest commercial applications such as hospitals, hotels and factories. 

Our access to so many specialist pump manufacturers allows us to offer systems for unusual applications including ATEX zones and those that involve aggressive chemicals.  We are confident that we can provide the correct solution to every pumping requirement.

With access to some of the largest submersibles manufactured in Europe we have the ability to tackle applications with high flows and involving large distances.

We have the technical expertise to assist you with product selection from a single pump up to a fully packaged pumping station. Our experienced team can provide a comprehensive service including costs for full installation.

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Why Choose AxFlow (Building Services) UK Ltd?


The AxFlow Group is the largest distributor of positive displacement pumps and related products and services in Europe. The company represents world-leading suppliers, and adds considerable customer value by industrial know-how, fast and reliable deliveries and a wide range of technical services. 

We are also one of the leading pump maintenance companies in the UK, with services from pump maintenance, installation, repairs upgrades.  We are full insured and IOS accredited to give you peace of mind.  Our friendly and helpful staff will provide you with a professional fast response.

  • On all refurbishment projects we check the actual duty requirement to ensure the complete system is correctly specified and don’t just replace the pumps like for like.
  • We recognise that a packaged pumping station is about more than just the pumps. With this in mind we ensure the pipework, tanks and valves are all in a good working condition and operating correctly.
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