Water treatment

In a waste water treatment plant you are handling viscous and solids laden liquids that you want to pump safely with minimal interruption. Waste water treatment requires ingenuity – and complete trust in your systems.

Our role within the waste water treatment is vital. Bringing together our knowledge of pumps and fluid handling systems with your expertise in waste water treatment can result in winning solutions that keeps your processes running and save you money.

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fluidity.nonstop in waste water treatment
A waste water treatment plant may contain all or some of the following components.

  • In the process industry the waste water treatment forms an integral part of many applications. Our solutions may include a combination of progressive cavity pumps, AODD pumps, hose pumps, filters, grinders and munchers.
  • The inflow with untreated waste water needs heavy duty pumps like centrifugal pump, progressive cavity pump and rotary lobe pump.
  • Screens removes large solids like plastic, rags and wood from incoming water.
  • A muncher or grinder removes solids from the liquid, reducing wear on the rest of the process.
  • Hose pump and progressive cavity pump for transportation of sewage with high viscosity.
  • A progressive cavity pump together with a muncher or grinder for transportation of solids laden sludge.
  • For dewatered sludge with high viscosity it takes a progressive cavity cake pump or an air driven cake pump.