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Applications & Support

AxFlow are in the business of finding the best solution for your application. We know it's all about the details.

Pumping Corrosive and Toxic Liquids

AxFlow have a multitude of chemically resistant pumps and process pumps suitable for corrosive liquid transfer and handling toxic fluids.

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Sensitive and Viscous Fluids

The best type of pump for sensitive and viscous fluids is normally a positive displacement pump. AxFlow are the UK's leading supplier of postive displacement pumps.

Read about pumping sensitive & viscous liquids

Thermal Service Fluids

Thermal fluids can come in many different forms from cryogenic through to hot oil and plasma.

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Solids Ladened Liquids

We offer both centrifugal pumps and many different types of positive displacement pumps for liquids with solids.

read more about solids ladened liquids

Thin Liquids

Many processes involve thin liquids such as condensate, liquefied gasses and refigerants, most of these applications are typified by low NPSHa and liquids that provide poor lubrication for the...

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Abrasive Liquids

Numerous fluids found in the mining and minerals, chemical, and off shore industries contain abrasive particles.

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Dosing and Metering

The definition of dosing or metering varies from industry to industry as different applications require different levels of accuracy and flow.

read more about dosing & metering

Hygienic and food grade pumps

Hygienic liquid applications require special attention as mistakes can have many negative ramifications.

read more about sanitary and food grade pumps
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