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Pump Technologies

With such a wide product range, AxFlow offers numerous different pump technologies and designs to ensure we can offer the best solution for your application.


Pump Types

Details of and explanations of key pump technologies used by AxFlow UK.

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Manufacturer Technologies

Here is more in depth information regarding particular pump manufacturing partners.

read more about manufacturer technologies

Certificates and Approvals

This section deals in more depth with both UK and international standards that have particular relavance to our products.

read more about certificates and approvals

Solids Handling Pumps

Details of AxFlow's extensive UK based capabilities when it comes to handling solid ladened liquids.

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Chemical Pumps

AxFlow UK offers the widest range of chemical pumps suitable for corrosive liquid transfer and handling of toxic fluids in the UK.

read more about pumps for corrosive liquids

Hygienic Pump Design

The food industry is extensively regulated and at AxFlow UK, we ensure to offer the best approved equipment to you and your business. Please find our overview of the different hygienic approval...

read more about hygienic pump design
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