Magnetic Drive Pumps

MagDrive AxFlow boasts an extremely large choice of mag drive pumps.

AxFlow offers a particularly large mag drive pump range. It includes mag drive centrifugal pumps, magnetically driven vane pumps even mag drive turbine pumps.  Many of our mag drive pumps are ATEX rated and our range even includes canned pumps which represent the ultimate in mag drive pump design.

How mag drive pumps work.

Please find below our main types of magnetic drive pump.  Just click on the icon for more details.  Mag drive catalogue.


Centrifugal Pumps

We have a very wide range of magnetically driven centrifugal pumps including ISO, plastic, canned and self priming models.

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Gear Pumps

AxFlow offers many different types of mag drive gear pumps with both metal and plastic wetted parts.

 Sliding Vane LR  

Vane Pumps

Our SVM range of stainless steel rotary vane pumps provides a mag drive opyion up to 2 m3/hr.

   Turbine Pump  

Turbine Pumps

We have both plastic and metal magnetically driven turbine pumps.

 Mag Pump Drive benefits    How mag drive pumps work        

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Product highlights

SDM Mag Drive Pumps

Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps made from 316 stainless steel

NDM Mag Drive ISO Pumps

High quality mag drive ISO pumps to ISO 2858 and ISO 5199. 

Wernert NM mag-drive

Standard Chemical Pump of Plastic Materials with Magnetic Drive. The Safety...

PCM - Plastic Magnetically Driven Pumps

Robust mag drive pumps machined from solid blocks of plastic

STM Turbine Pumps

Stainless steel mag drive turbine pumps

PTM Pumps

Magnetically driven regenerative turbine pumps for low flow - high head ...

Eclipse Gear pumps

Mag drive external stainless steel, Alloy C and plastic gear pumps for...

Envirogear Internal Gear Pumps

Magnetically driven internal gear pump that provide unparalleled...

Isochem External Gear Pumps

Magnetically driven for reliable corrosive, hazardous or toxic liquids.

Gruppo Aturia PCM SP Pumps

Self priming magnetically driven centrifugal pumps

PTM SP Pumps

Self priming magnetic drive turbine pumps

Gruppo Aturia SDTM Pump Range

SDTM magnetic drive process pumps multistage centrifugal and turbine pumps

SVM Vane Pumps

Small stainless steel mag drive vane pumps with no flow pulsation.