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Magnetic Drive Pumps

AxFlow boasts the largest choice of mag drive pumps available in the UK.


Magnetically driven pumps transfer power using a drive magnet which is fixed to the motor shaft, which rotates an internal magnet attached to the impeller via the magnetic field which exists between the two magnets. This means they are sealless.

Advantages of mag drive pumps

  • Sealless pump design so no leaks
  • Complete isolation of the pumped fluid.
  • Containment of the liquid.
  • Reduced heat transfer from the motor into the pump chamber.
  • Protection for the motor against overload. 



  • Mag drive pumps should be used in situations where you really don’t want any leaks such as corrosive liquids and toxic liquids.
  • The fact that mag drive pumps can be manufactured from non metallic wetted parts also makes them very suitable for corrosive liquids.
  • Mag drive pumps are good in high temperature applications as there is no chance of seal leakage and the magnetic couple helps accomodate thermal movement.
  • Low temperature and cryogenic applications are suitable for mag drive pumps as no heat is transferred from the motor into the pumped liquid.

Why Buy Mag drive Pumps From AxFlow

AxFlow UK offers a particularly large mag drive pump range. It includes sealless centrifugal pumps, magnetically driven vane pumps even mag drive turbine pumps. Many of our mag drive pumps are ATEX rated and our range even includes canned pumps which represent the ultimate in mag drive pump design.

AxFlow has an extremely large number of magnetically driven pumps as we represent several different manufacturers of magnetic drive and canned pumps in the UK. Argal who specialise in plastic mag drive pumps, Gruppo Aturia who offer a range of metal and plastic mag drive pumps including ISO 5199 and API 685, Wernert who offer a lined mag drive pump, Pulsafeeder who make mag drive gear pumps Blackmer who offer the Magnes mag drive vane pumps and Hermetic who specialise in canned pumps.

AxFlow's mag drive pump portfolio includes plastic magnetically driven pumps API 685 and ISO 2858 mag drive pumps, magnetically driven vane pumps, mag drive turbine pumps and magnetically driven gear pumps.

Here are links to the different types of magnetic drive pumps that we have..



 Key Features of mage drive pumps

Sealless Design: One of the most significant features of magnetic drive pumps is their sealless design. Traditional pumps use dynamic seals (e.g., mechanical seals) to prevent leakage of the pumped fluid. Mag drive pumps eliminate the need for these seals by using a magnetic coupling between the motor and the impeller.

Magnetic Coupling: Mag drive pumps employ a pair of magnets, one attached to the motor shaft and the other to the impeller shaft. These magnets are arranged in such a way that they create a magnetic field that couples the rotational motion of the motor to the impeller.

Corrosion Resistance: Mag drive pumps are often constructed from materials that are highly resistant to corrosion, such as plastic (e.g., polypropylene or PVDF) or corrosion-resistant metals (e.g., stainless steel or titanium).

Minimal Maintenance: With fewer moving parts and no seals to replace, mag drive pumps often require less maintenance compared to traditional pumps. This can result in lower operating costs and less downtime.


  Type Self-Priming PP ETFE-C

St St

Hastelloy Titanium  Duplex
BASIS Centrifugal          
PRIMA Centrifugal        
PTM Turbine          
ROUTE Centrifugal        
FRONTIERA Centrifugal    ●      
PCM Centrifugal    ●        
ELK Centrif/Turbine  ●  ●      
RHINO Centrif/Turbine  ●  ●      
PTM-SP Turbine  ●  ●        
PCM-SP Centrifugal  ●  ●        
Eclipse Gear          
SVP Vane  ●        ●  ●
SDM Centrifugal        ●    
NDM Centrif ISO 2858        ●  ●  ●
SMKM-M Centrif API 685        ●  ●  
STM Turbine API 685        ●  ●  ●
STDM Turbine API 685        ●  ●  ●
SVM Vane  ●          
Magnes Vane  ●      ●    

























Mag Drive Gear Pumps

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Mag Drive Vane Pumps

Axflow offer magnetically driven vane pumps for flows up to 2 m3/hr

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Mag Drive Turbine Pumps

AxFlow UK have 4 ranges of magnetically driven turbine pumps

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Centrifugal Mag Drive Pumps

AxFlow offer a large range of magnetically driven centrifugal pumps

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