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Magnetic Drive Pumps

AxFlow  boasts the largest choice of mag drive pumps available in the UK.

AxFlow UK offers a particularly large mag drive pump range. It includes mag drive centrifugal pumps, magnetically driven vane pumps even mag drive turbine pumps. Many of our mag drive pumps are ATEX rated and our range even includes canned pumps which represent the ultimate in mag drive pump design.

We represent five different manurfactuers of magnetic drive and canned pumps here in the UK. Argal who specialise in plastic mag drive pumps, Gruppo Aturia who offer a range of metal and plastic mag drive pumps including ISO 5199 and API 685, Wernert who offer a lined mag drive pump, Pulsafeeder who make mag drive gear pumps and Hermetic who specialise in canned pumps.

How mag drive pumps work.

Here are links to the different types of magnetic drive pumps that we have..



Mag Drive & Canned Pump Advantages

Magnetic drive pumps and canned pumps have many advantages over traditional mechanically sealed pumps.

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Mag Drive Gear Pumps

AxFlow UK offers three ranges of magnetically driven gear pumps.

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Mag Drive Turbine Pumps

AxFlow UK have 4 ranges of magnetically driven turbine pumps

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Mag Drive Vane Pumps

Axflow offer magnetically driven vane pumps for flows up to 2 m3/hr

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Centrifugal Mag Drive Pumps

AxFlow offer a large range of magnetically driven centrifugal pumps

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