ITT Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pumps

Jabsco’s Tankermaster pumps are flexible impeller pumps specifically designed for the transfer of milk. With over 50 years of successful operation, Jabsco’s Tankermaster pumps are the industry standard, used extensively throughout the Irish dairy sector. Mounted directly on the tankers, they are used for collecting milk from bulk storage tanks on farms and for unloading them again at dairies. Their low shear action protects the cream element in milk and the steady flow allows for accurate metering.


Tankermaster pumps come in two sized units, the smaller P500 and the larger P700. Both can be supplied by AxFlow assembled into a pumpset with hydraulic motor and mounting frame for ease of installation on the road tankers. Both pumps are of hygienic design with 3A approval and easy to clean. The reliability of the pumps means less maintenance and the quick and easy nature of changing out wearing parts further reduces any downtime from the pumps. Tankermaster pumps are dependable, easy to work with equipment which is what makes them so popular.

Product id: ITT Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pumps. Wide range of high efficiency, value for money, precision-built pumps Supplier: ITT Jabsco
  P500 P700
Flow rate 484 LPM @ 1450 rpm 700 LPM at 1750 rpm
Pressure rated 2.5 bar 1.5 bar
Self-priming 2.4m from dry 2.4m from dry


Tankermaster pumps:

  • Handle soft solids up to 18mm in diameter
  • Are US 3A approved and made from 316 Stainless Steel
  • Use 3A Food Grade Neoprene Impellers
  • Have Food Grade Nitrile elastomers
  • Fitted with single mechanical seals (Carbon/Ceramic)
  • Are supplied with 2 ½” RJT ports as standard (other types available)
Self-Priming: negates needing to have the level liquid in your milk silo higher than the tanker.
High Flow at low speeds: extending life of wearing items while maintaining fast unloading.
Smooth, steady flow: no entrained air, allowing for accurate measuring an easy separation.
Gentle action: protects thixotropic liquids due to the minimal shear.
Reversible: allowing for loading and unloading of road tankers.
Resilient impeller: offers increased protection against unforeseen presence of grit or stones.
Easy to clean: with 3A approval and options of CIP or quick and easy strip down.
Simple to Service: designed to be stripped and reassembled simply and quickly, minimising time spent out of service.