Gear Pumps

gear_pump_icon_large AxFlow Ireland Represents Several World Leading Gear pump manufacturers, for different applications, to suit different markets. From Non aggressive to highly toxic slurries.

Gear pumps are positive displacement  - so they pump  constant amount of fluid per each gear revolution.


These pumps can be used in petrolium, chemical – pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Suitable for for very viscous products and high pressures.


Our ranges of Gear Pumps offer sealing by gland packing, single mech seal, double mech seal, mag drive and canned motor.


We represent following gear pump manufacturers:


Johnson Pump – SPX


Zenith pumps – Colfax Corporation


Pulsafeeder -  IDEX Corporation


Micropump - IDEX Corporation


Cucchi pumps


Pompe Cucchi Gear Pumps

Cucchi gear metering pumps N series have been designed to meet pumping applications that require constant pressure and dosing precision.

Manufacturer Product
Manufacturer Product
Pompe Cucchi Pumps
Pompe Cucchi Gear Pumps