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Process control with analytical instrumentation

Monday, June 1, 2009

With increasing economic pressures on manufacturers to reduce processing costs and maintain strict production control, one solution to this challenge is use online/and or laboratory analysers to gather production stream data in real-time

On-line analysers can detect fluctuations during processing and control of properties close to set point, and the results can have a very considerable impact on process control.

Recognising the importance of being able to have complete control at key stages of any processing cycle in fluids processing, AxFlow includes process instrumentation systems from Bran + Luebbe in its product portfolio. Where water is an essential ingredient of the process, Bran + Luebbe on-line analysers provide real-time analysis of water at the intake stage and wastewater prior to the discharge. Technologies encompass both wet chemistry analysis and UV/VIS Spectroscopy in combination with wet chemistry.

The PowerMon is a highly adaptable instrument in that it has the capability to be connected to and control up to 100 external sensors. As there is no requirement for additional interfaces, this can greatly reduce the costs of a complex analyser. Typical applications for this analyser include water preparation, wastewater treatment, boiler feed water, ultra-pure water and chemical processes. DiaMon Resources provides the capabilities to analyse chemicals in wastewater, enabling users to optimise the treatment process and monitor the purity of final effluent. The first analyser of its kind to use a diode array spectrometer, the DiaMon measures a complete UV spectrum, which allows a wide range of different analyses to be performed. Such a capability ensures that users are able to meet their specific wastewater discharge consent levels.

The PowerMon and DiaMon Resources instruments both offer both single and multi-parameter capabilities, providing the user with a degree of flexibility to meet their specific requirements. Both systems are easy to operate and may be interfaced with a PC network to enable remote control and interrogation.

The AxFlow Group, headquartered in Sweden, is the largest distributor of positive displacement pumps in Europe. With operating companies in more than 20 countries and a Distribution Centre in the Netherlands, it is able to ship pumps and other equipment from stock to customers within 48 hours anywhere in Europe. In order to be a true provider of fluid handling solutions the Company also includes mixing technology as well as instrumentation and analysis equipment within its product portfolio.

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