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Same Day Wilden Pump Spares and Pumps

AxFlow stock over 5,000 items of Wilden spares and replacement Wilden pumps in the UK


As the UK's exclusive leading distributor for Wilden, AxFlow guarantee that you receive 100% authentic Wilden spare parts.

  • Over 5,000 stocked items.
  • 24 delivery option.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Technical backup.

If the pump is ATEX Certified only the fitting of genuine parts will allow the it to be re certified to meet the certification criteria.

It may seem ok to refit non Wilden "O" rings or diaphragms as one "O" ring or diaphragm is much the same as another, but in truth this isn't necessarily the case as "O" rings and diaphragms have specific hardness and durability characteristics and these are very important to the performance of an AODD pump, the fitting and use of the elastomers with a different type to that originally fitted can easily cause premature pump failure and/or a change in performance capabilities of the pump.

Wilden Operating Manuals    -   Wilden Product Spec Sheets

Wilden Parts List

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Wilden Repair Kits

Wilden Wet and Air Repair Kits for AODD pumps have been designed to help properly maintain the health and performance of your Wilden pump.

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Wilden Pumps List

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Wilden Pump Diaphragms

Wilden offers the largest breadth of pump diaphragm shapes, sizes and material offerings in the industry.

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