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AxFlow UK introduces mag-drive sliding vane pump range

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blackmer's SMVP magnetically-coupled sealless sliding vane pumps are now being introduced in the UK by AxFlow Limited.

When mixing, blending, loading/unloading or packaging the many types of liquids that are handled by terminal operators, it is essential that there is no leakage from the shaft. Combining sliding vane technology with a sealless magnetic coupling, the Blackmer SMVP series pump optimises product containment for the hazardous and difficult to seal fluids typically encountered in liquid terminal applications. The six model Blackmer SMVP pump series offers users flow rates up to 813lt/min at temperatures between -40ºC and +96ºC and will accommodate fluids with viscosities up to 5,250cP.

Blackmer SMVP pumps are constructed from 316 SS and have metalised carbon sleeve bearings and non-metallic vanes for longer life. The presence of elf-lubricating carbon graphite sleeve bearings ensures that there is no metal-to-metal contact during operation, which makes the pumps ideal or dry-run priming and line stripping duties. The SMVP pump also features a unique bearing and head design that allows a small quantity of the pumpage to circulate through the containment chamber and bearing surfaces to minimise temperature increases in order to optimise bearing life.

Samarium-cobalt magnets are used as standard components and this rare earth material prevents permanent magnate degradation should adverse operating or break-free conditions occur.

For further product details, contact:
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