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Brown Brothers well prepared for further expansion

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Brown Brothers Engineers continues to develop its businesses in the Oceania region. In 2020, the company showed strong growth and finished the year poised for further expansion.

Brown Brothers Engineers is the market-leading distributor of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps in Australia and New Zealand. The business was acquired by Fluid Handling Solutions (AxFlow) in 2018 as part of plans to expand geographically outside Europe. 

A proactive attitude by local management helped Brown Brothers to record strong organic growth and complete a successful acquisition during the year. 

“We decided early on to make 2020 a good year,” says Brown Brother’s Managing Director, John Inkster. “We chose to be proactive and to put emphasis on sales. We made sure the sales force were very active and kept in close contact with customers.”

A major highlight of 2020 was the acquisition in New Zealand of SPX Flow Technology, a fluid handling sales and service business. The acquisition, which was finalised in December, added 14 people to the Oceania business.“

  • Being part of AxFlow has enabled Brown Brothers to grow and expand far faster than might otherwise have been possible.
    John Inkster, Managing Director of Brown Brother Engineers 

SPX Flow Technology and Brown Brothers Engineers in New Zealand complement each other,” John explains. “SPX Flow Technology is strongly involved in the country’s dairy industry, in particular on the process side of the businesses. Brown Brothers is involved in the farm side through milk cooling pumps, vat wash pumps and yard wash pumps. So, we now hope to be able to leverage off that synergy within the dairy sector.”

With strong support from management in Europe, the Oceania team are now looking for ways to develop the business. The operations in both countries are tracking for growth of between three and four percent in 2021.

“Being part of AxFlow has enabled Brown Brothers to grow and expand far faster than might otherwise have been possible,” says John.

“While being part of a large group provides access to resources, advice and capital, the Oceania businesses also have a very high degree of autonomy and have the scope to make the decisions necessary for success.” 

In brief

Brown Brothers Engineers has 95 employees in Australia and 60 in New Zealand and operates from 17 ­locations across both countries.