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Edwards now in our portfolio

Thursday, March 7, 2024

AxFlow is now expanding its range of vacuum technology with products from Edwards, the world's largest manufacturer of vacuum pumps. For over 100 years, Edwards has continuously driven the development of smarter, cleaner and more economical vacuum technology.

Edwards vacuum pumps for demanding industrial applications

Edwards has a product programme for the most demanding chemical, process and pharmaceutical applications. The pumps are designed for aggressive gas mixtures and are suitable for explosive environments.

Edwards liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pairs are the wear and tear of the process industry and are available in one or two stage compression for optimal adaptation to process pressures. A liquid ring vacuum pump is robust and reliable and suitable for wet processes because the pump uses liquid, such as water, as a seal between the pump casing and impeller. Since there are relatively large distances between the moving parts, the liquid ring vacuum pump is insensitive to particles and contaminants. It is also insensitive to condensate accompanying the gas stream. Available in ATEX version.

Edwards oil-lubricated vacuum pumps for demanding applications

Edwards has a wide range of oil-lubricated vacuum pumps including rotary vane and rotary piston pumps. The rotary vane vacuum pumps are available in one or two stage designs with ultimate pressures down to 1 x 10-3 mbar(a). Oil-lubricated vacuum pumps are an economical option offering high performance for a wide range of industrial applications. Available in ATEX version.

Edwards dry vacuum pumps

Edwards dry vacuum pumps are oil-free, meaning they do not use oil as a seal or lubricant in the pump housing. In addition to being oil-free, they also operate without contact between the moving parts in the pump casing. Because they are dry running, the risk of contamination of the process is minimised. The pump is also inert as there is no oil or sealant that can react with the process gas. Maintenance is also easy as there are no residual fluids that need to be disposed of.

Edwards dry vacuum pumps are available as claw vacuum pumps or screw vacuum pumps. Dry vacuum pumps are very suitable for variable speed control, which enables efficient control of process pressure and minimisation of energy consumption. Also available in ATEX design.

Large product portfolio

In addition to the previously mentioned vacuum pumps, Edwards has scroll vacuum pumps and roots vacuum pumps in its programme. Vacuum valves and vacuum gauges are also important components in a plant where Edwards offers a variety of options. Of course, there is equipment such as vacuum filters and condensers to protect the vacuum pumps.

Why buy Edwards vacuum pumps from AxFlow?

AxFlow offers a wide range of expertise with a local presence adapted to take care of our customers and their needs.

At AxFlow you get personalised advice from experienced engineers. Need help choosing the right vacuum pump for your application? Do not hesitate to contact us. AxFlow's experienced engineers can help you with the selection, installation and maintenance of your liquid handling equipment.