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Adash is a Czech-born company founded in 1991, producing equipment to assess the condition of rolling bearings. 

What makes Adash Special

In the late 80s, at the Physical-Technical Testing Institute in Ostrava, Adam Bojko and Radomir Sglunda, future founders of Adash, embarked on their journey in vibration analysis, initially focusing on seismic measurements in coal mines. This early exposure to vibration analyzers ignited their passion for rotating machinery analysis, leading them to delve into modal analysis, operating deflection shapes, on-site balancing, and vibration analysis while still employed by the government. In 1991, armed with just two PCs, they officially founded Adash, developing their first software for Modal Analysis and Operating Deflection Shapes under DOS. Their pioneering spirit continued with the launch of DDS, the world's first vibration data acquisition/route measurement management software for Windows OS in the mid-90s. 

In 1995, Adash introduced the A3600 online vibration analyzer, marking their entry into hardware production. The A4101 Machine Vibration Analyzer, released in 1996, gained immense popularity and continued to be sold till 2008, even in Atex-rated versions. Adash's commitment to continuous monitoring led to the creation of the A3600 system for 24/7 machinery monitoring, widely adopted in steel plants, nuclear power plants, and brewery factories, remaining operational in some factories to this day. 

The turning point came in 1998 with the launch of Vibrio, a revolutionary device designed initially as a stethoscope for bearing noise detection, which evolved into a bestseller, Vibrio M, renowned for its versatility and user-friendliness. Adash expanded globally, from 5 sales partners in 2005 to nearly 90 dealers worldwide, solidifying its presence in the vibration diagnostics market. In 2020, Adash unveiled VA5Pro, its most powerful analyzer yet, combining vibration analysis, balancing, thermal imaging, and ultrasound measurement in one device. Despite its global recognition, Adash remains an independent company, dedicated to advancing vibration diagnostics tools and software, leaving an indelible mark on the field of vibration analysis. 

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