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The AESSEAL® range of seals, seal support systems and bearing protectors are all designed to improve pump reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

What makes AESSEAL Special 

AESSEAL®, a premier provider of high-quality mechanical seals, distinguishes itself beyond mere parts supply. Their commitment lies in consistently surpassing expectations regarding delivery, quality, reliability, and service. Their cutting-edge sealing technology, validated by enhanced mean time between failures, elevates reliability across diverse industries. Renowned for expertise in Oil & Gas, AESSEAL®'s exceptional customer service and product performance have expanded globally, challenging industry norms and competitors alike, leading them to emerge as world market leaders. 

Through strategic investments in pioneering technology, AESSEAL® has streamlined the ordering process, demonstrating swift responsiveness to clients' needs. Operating on six continents, they proudly hold the position of the world's fourth-largest mechanical seal supplier, propelled by exceptional customer service and innovative, impactful products. 

AESSEAL® employs advanced computational facilities and numerical tools, including in-house predictive software code, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), ensuring meticulous design and optimization of every seal. Their product range encompasses comprehensive sealing solutions, including shaft packing, flow meters, various seals and systems, and advanced bearing face and labyrinth seals. Specializing in gas seals for demanding environments, their cartridge mechanical seals, such as the CAPI™ Type A, B & C ranges, integrate cutting-edge technology for diverse applications. AESSEAL® also offers CE certified seal support systems, leads in contacting and non-contacting bearing seal technology, and provides component seals for various applications, along with a comprehensive range of gland packing, catering to diverse requirements. AESSEAL® sets new industry standards, delivering transformative and innovative solutions that redefine operational landscapes for their clients. 

Why buy from AxFlow 

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