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The peristaltic hoses and lubricants you use in your processes are as vital as the pumps
themselves. Our OVATIO hoses and lubricants are specifically designed and manufactured to
optimize the operation of the pumps. Their contribution is vital.

Optimized to suit your application, optimized for durability

Drawing on more than fifty years of experience of peristaltic hose pump technology and industrial
processes have pushed our OVATIO hoses into the very forefront of hose design and manufacture.
And, as you’d expect, they’re manufactured to withstand even the very toughest pumping tasks.

OVATIO hose design eliminates the common problems of:

  • Tear and abrasion resistance (both through their unique mix of polymer/rubber compounds
    and our vulcanization process)
  • Rebound effect (through a unique combination of nylon cord reinforcement layers
  • Inconsistent wall thickness and uneven surfaces (through very tight manufacturing tolerances)

And out in the real, process world, our OVATIO hoses have proven their superiority in a wide
range of applications and under some extreme operating conditions.

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