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ABEL GmbH founded in 1947 by Wilhelm Abel in Düsseldorf. In the beginning, the company manufactured and sold pumps for the mining industry.

What Sets ABEL Apart? 

Established in Düsseldorf in 1947 by Wilhelm Abel, ABEL GmbH began as an engineering firm primarily engaged in the production and trade of mining pumps. Its scope expanded over time to encompass a diverse array of products and global market segments. Today, ABEL stands as a globally acclaimed manufacturer specializing in diaphragm, solid fuel, high-pressure, and marine pumps. 

Internationally recognized, ABEL operates under a certified quality management system adhering to ISO 19001:2015 standards. Additionally, the company is an active participant in the energy efficiency and climate protection network associated with the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since March 2021, ABEL has been a proud member of IDEX Corporation, a prominent global industrial conglomerate headquartered in the United States. 

ABEL's Manufacturing Focus 

ABEL concentrates on crafting diaphragm pumps prized for their exceptional durability and reliability in managing critical pumping tasks. The pivotal element ensuring this performance is the membrane that effectively separates the conveyed medium from vital pump components. This design enables the pump to handle aggressive, abrasive, and toxic substances seamlessly. Moreover, it ensures heightened process reliability and operational stability, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements due to limited contact between components and the pumped medium. This translates to reduced maintenance and operational costs. 

ABEL's prowess in handling sludge is notable, particularly evident in their piston diaphragm pumps capable of managing sludge containing solids at concentrations of up to 75%, nearly reaching air dry media levels. 

Distinctive Pump Varieties 

The ABEL Piston and Plunger pump operate without a membrane, allowing direct contact between the piston or plunger and the conveyed medium. These pumps are adept at handling clean or slightly contaminated substances at high pressures, exhibiting efficiency rates of up to 90%. 

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