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ABO valve

ABO Valve is a Czech manufacturer of butterfly valves

What Makes ABO Valve Special 

As the largest manufacturer of butterfly valves in the Czech Republic, ABO Valve is at the forefront of revolutionizing various sectors, including water, air, oil, fuel, and chemicals regulation. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has continuously set industry standards, producing over 100,000 valves annually, with 85% serving international projects worldwide. ABO Valve's commitment to quality is unwavering, reflected in its annual renewals of Q1, API, and ISO certifications, ensuring maximum output quality. 

At the heart of Europe, ABO Valve operates as a global player, supported by 11 strategically located sales branches. The company's dedication to meeting customer needs is evident through continuous innovation and product enhancements, tailored to specific client requirements. ABO Valve's valves play a vital role in water processes, treatment, and transportation globally, bringing water and life back to landscapes. 

With a history spanning three decades, ABO Valve has become a European leader in industrial valve production. The company's expansion abroad, beginning in 1998 with its first foreign branch in Slovakia, has reached customers across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. ABO Valve's enduring commitment to innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction solidifies its position as a trusted and pioneering force in the industrial valve market. 

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