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Airpower Europe offer comprehensive products for everything that includes pneumatic actuator technology. 

What makes AirPower Europe Special 

Situated at Airpower Europe's advanced facilities in Dattenberg, we facilitate the seamless implementation of your technical requirements at the highest industry standards. Their comprehensive service spans the assembly of actuator accessories and the integration of actuators and valves, offering a flexible approach tailored to simplify your operational endeavors. 

Discover the exceptional advantages inherent in Airpower Europe's offerings through our dedicated sales platform. We bring to you Airpower's sophisticated product technology, meticulously designed and manufactured in compliance with international standards, ensuring unparalleled safety measures. Equally pivotal is your access to our extensive expertise in actuator and valve technology, available on-demand to support your needs. 

What does AirPower Europe Manufacture 

The Three-Position Actuator by Airpower Europe offers versatile operation at specific angles of 0°, 45°, 90°, or 0°, 90°, 180°, with the midpoint customizable within these ranges. This adjustability, exemplified in a 90° actuator providing varying angles like 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 70°, allows for tailored positioning. The operational principle delineates its functionality across three key positions: 

  • Fully Closed Position: Chart 1 illustrates that this configuration is achieved by supplying air to port 4 while port 2 is in the exhaust state. 
  • Midway Position: As depicted in chart 2, this intermediate stance is attained by directing air to port 2 and port D while ports 4 and C release exhaust air. Notably, the mechanical halt of movement on the auxiliary pistons defines this midway positioning. 
  • Fully Open Position: Chart 2 demonstrates that this state is reached by introducing air to port 2 and port C while ports 4 and D function as exhaust ports. This allows for the actuator to achieve its fully open configuration.


Why buy AirPower Europe products from AxFlow 

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