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ARGAL boasts forty years of activity in the invention and production of pumps made of thermoplastic material, compounds, and corrosion-resistant metal alloys. During the past decade, significant efforts were directed to research and development on the entire production and such an effort resulted in entirely new or renovated pump ranges. 

Their mission is a continuous and constant technological improvement along the path of innovation instead of emulation. How? By offering the best technical results obtaining the leadership in performance while providing appropriate responses to the needs of market dynamics throughout the “State-Of-The-Art” quality. 


Argal manufactures a range of pneumatic and centrifugal pumps designed for various applications. Their diaphragm pumps, available in double diaphragm and compressed air metering options, are capable of moving chemical, viscous, and abrasive liquids, even in hazardous areas. These pumps are anti-stall, submersible, and run dry, ensuring easy installation and maintenance. Argal's centrifugal pumps, whether horizontal or vertical, self-priming or submersible, are constructed from thermoplastic materials or fiberglass to handle aggressive and corrosive liquids. They serve as process pumps for primary applications or auxiliary service pumps. Argal also offers vertical centrifugal pumps like KGK and Equipro, designed with submerged column and volute casing for efficient liquid transport. Additionally, their self-priming pumps, including magnetic drive models (TMA) and mechanical sealed models (ZMA), feature innovative designs for enhanced suction lift and faster priming, even with challenging liquids. 


AxFlow specializes in providing fluid handling equipment catering to an extensive range of industries and applications. At AxFlow, clients benefit from personalized guidance offered by seasoned process engineers and access to cutting-edge process technology equipment from global industry leaders. Should you require assistance in selecting the ideal pump for your specific requirements, our team of experts and engineers stands ready to assist with advice on pump selection, specification, installation, and maintenance. Don't hesitate to reach out for tailored support.