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Atlas Copco

Since its inception in 1873, the Atlas Copco Group has been at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies, products, services, and solutions.

Energy-efficient vacuum solutions for industrial applications

Vacuum, the invisible force, is indispensable in industrial production facilities worldwide. When an industrial application requires a clean environment or a pressure below atmospheric levels, a continuous vacuum supply is required. Atlas Copco vacuum products are the starting point for providing a vacuum solution for dedicated machines for on-site use and for central vacuum systems.

At Atlas Copco, our business is driven by our drive to make processes work more efficiently, by understanding the needs of industries we serve. Our vacuum specialists are constantly improving the performance of our products, targeting new application areas and addressing new challenges. With our broad product portfolio and application expertise, we have the right vacuum solution just for you, configured for your specific needs and giving you predictable performance you can rely on.

Vacuum solutions for every application

Vacuum is used in various industries and in many applications, from food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and jar manufacturing, paper printing, toothpaste degassing, vehicle parts handling, pharmaceutical transportation, plastic extrusion, woodwork, brick and clay manufacturing to almost all general manufacturing. As a leading innovator in the industrial vacuum market, Atlas Copco continue to focus on energy efficiency, which means savings for the customers. Regardless of the application, Atlas Copco provide the most suitable vacuum solution.

Why buy from AxFlow 

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