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Axioma products include heat and water devices, energy management devices, and systems.

What makes Axiaom Metering Special

In 1992, Axioma were the first company in Lithuania to create an ultrasonic heat meter, but they didn't stop there – to this day, Axioma have consistently worked to perfect their devices and to use them to measure different mediums. They also hold several ultrasonic device patents. 

The ultrasonic method is one of the most quickly developing methods in numerous sectors because it can identify and immediately react to the tiniest changes in any system. Therefore, as ultrasonic system developers, Axioma consistently invests in scientific research in this field. In this way, they ensure that the meters they produce are advanced, precise, and accurate. 

Axioma currently offer the following exceptionally advanced monitoring devices for different mediums and based on various operation methods: heat meter computers, ultrasonic heating and cooling energy meters, ultrasonic heat and water meters, ultrasonic flow sensors. Axiomas devices can be configured and adapted according to the client's needs. 

Furthermore, Axiomas solutions integrate seamlessly with energy management systems and other relevant platforms. AxFlow extends comprehensive services encompassing heat meter inspection and maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality of the devices. 

Engineered for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, the meters we distribute are tailored to cater to diverse monitoring needs across a spectrum of settings.


Why buy Axioma Metering from AxFlow  

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