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Eaton Filtration

Eaton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filters with the markets largest selection of bag filtration, automatic self-cleaning filters and strainer filtration.

What makes Eaton Filtration Special 

Eaton stands at the forefront of liquid filtration, facilitating the production of clean and pure products across an extensive spectrum of industries. From pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, industrial and municipal water, to petrochemicals, marine, automotive, agriculture, construction equipment, and power generation, Eaton's leadership in liquid filtration ensures high-quality outputs across diverse sectors. 

Industries and manufacturing sectors prioritize separation, cleaning, and purification of raw materials and intermediate products during various production stages. Eaton’s commitment to providing technical expertise, product knowledge, and application insights in liquid filtration within industrial systems not only optimizes industrial processes but also minimizes impacts on business finances and energy resources. Eaton consistently pioneers technology that meets the stringent demands of vital industrial sectors, employing diverse filtration technologies to implement top-notch solutions while continually striving to make a significant impact. 

What Eaton Filtration manufacturers 

Eaton has a large product portfolio ranging from: 

Pipeline strainers 

Eaton’s standard cast pipeline strainers safeguard pumps, filters, nozzles, flow meters, valves, and other vital process system components from potential damage caused by pipeline debris. 

Bag filters and housing 

As the leading manufacturer of bag filter housings, Eaton’s innovative solutions offer superior filtration efficiency, catering to both standard and demanding applications. The selection ranges from housings ideal for precise, absolute filtration needs to those designed for cost-sensitive applications. 

Self-Cleaning Filters 

Designed for various process liquids and conditions, Eaton's self-cleaning filters eliminate the need for disposable media, thereby reducing disposal costs, labor, and inventory. Capable of reliable operation and performance, these filters accommodate a wide range of operating pressures. 

Why buy Eaton Filtration from AxFlow 

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