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GO Systemelektronik

With the range of GO Systemelektronik solutions you can measure, analyze and monitor sewage, process and drinking water or soil rehabilitation.

What makes GO Systemelektronik special 

Embark on a journey of online data capture with the assurance of real-time encrypted retrieval from our secure cloud – that's the unique offering of GO Systemelektronik. For over 25 years, we've been at the forefront of developing and producing solutions in Kiel, specializing in tasks such as parameter measurement and recording in water-related scenarios. 

Our expertise centers around measurement, analysis, and monitoring in both fresh and wastewater, encompassing process monitoring and control technology, as well as environmental monitoring. GO Systemelektronik excels in providing online monitoring solutions with the adaptable BlueBox system, ensuring optimal customization to meet the diverse requirements of various sectors. 

GO Systemelektronik product portfolio 

Within the realm of online measurement and control technology, GO Systemelektronik offers a comprehensive product range, spanning from individual sensors to complete systems. Built on a modular and scalable system, our solutions seamlessly adapt to diverse requirements. We provide complete systems for online monitoring in wastewater, drinking water, process measurement and control technology, and environmental monitoring. Our core focus lies in producing hardware and software solutions to cater to our customers' needs. Additionally, we tailor individual solutions for the OEM market to align with application-specific requirements. 

The BlueGate Cloud Data Service, a hallmark of GO Systemelektronik, automatically backs up all data and facilitates remote access to measurement data via any web browser. This service enables live viewing, visualization, data export, and the setup of alarms, including notifications for limit value breaches. All communication within our systems, BlueGate servers, and customer interfaces is securely encrypted. 

The development and manufacturing of our products is 100% Made in Germany. 

Why buy GO Systemelektronik from AxFlow 

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