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HERMAG pumps

HERMAG manufacturers ISO and API canned motor pumps for chemical, petrochemical and general industrial applications.

What makes HERMAG Special 

HERMAG Pumps is a leading manufacturer of canned motor pumps built according to ISO 2858 and API 685 standards. Their diversified product range, entirely manufactured in the European Union (Czech Republic), finds applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and process industries globally. Thanks to their skilled staff, application expertise, and advanced design and production technologies, HERMAG provides competitive and secure solutions for various applications, even handling hazardous or sensitive fluids. HERMAG's quality system is certified according to ISO 9001 standards. 

HERMAG pumps are engineered to handle the most challenging tasks, including managing explosives, dangerous, toxic, and valuable liquids. Meeting the highest international industrial standards, HERMAG Pumps operates with over 600 liquids, demonstrating its modern approach and dynamic nature through cutting-edge engineering technologies and advanced computational methods. 

Their business strategy revolves around environmental safety and concern for the environment, ensuring the design, production, and delivery of products that meet and exceed these requirements. Offering high-tech quality pumps, HERMAG provides a full range of services, including technical support, commissioning, staff training, pump diagnostics, spare parts, and after-sales service. 

HERMAG's leak-free pumps with double safety features meet the highest operational and environmental safety requirements. Their low operating costs, attributed to minimal wear without shaft sealing, make them a secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional centrifugal and magnetically coupled pumps. With ATEX certification, these standardized chemical pumps, customized through AxFlow's individual consultation and design services, ensure utmost safety for the most demanding processes. 

HERMAG's canned motor pumps in ATEX execution and compliant with API 685 standards meet the stringent requirements of the chemical, petrochemical, and nuclear power industries, enabling the pumping of toxic, explosive, and radioactive substances. These pumps handle a wide temperature range from -120°C to 450°C, achieving flow rates of up to 650 m3/h and nominal pressures of up to 420 bar. 

Why buy Hermag from AxFlow 

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