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HERMAG pumps

HERMAG pumps is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of ISO and API canned motor pumps for chemical, petrochemical and general industrial applications.

HERMAG pumps are developed to operate in the most demanding applications such as handling of explosive, dangerous, toxic and valuable liquids. HERMAG pumps meet the highest international industrial standards.

With handling more than 600 liquids, including explosive, dangerous, toxic and valuable liquids, HERMAG Pumps is a modern and dynamic company using cutting-edge engineering technologies and advanced computational methods.

HERMAG is located in the geographical centre of Europe – in the Czech Republic, which brings perfect logistic position to the customers.
The ever-growing demand for environmental safety and concern for the environment is at the core of their business strategy. HERMAG designs, produces and delivers products that meet and exceed these requirements.
HERMAG produces high-tech quality pumps with full range services such as technical support, commissioning, staff training, pump diagnostic, spare parts and after sales service.