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Houttuin is a producer of screw pumps with almost 90 years of experience. Houttuin's original design provided the blue print for today's twin screw positive displacement rotary pumps.

What makes Houttuin special 

Houttuin, a distinguished CIRCOR brand, pioneered the original pump design that laid the foundation for today's advanced low-pressure, twin-screw positive displacement rotary pumps. First introduced in 1929 for the Dutch coal industry, these pumps have solidified our reputation for producing top-quality, energy-efficient, and cost-effective industrial pumps. 

Utilized across the globe, Houttuin Pumps find applications in diverse industries, including chemical and petrochemical, tank farms, power plants, offshore operations, refining, shipbuilding, marine ventures, soap manufacturing, food and beverage processing, plastics, and sugar production. 

To ensure precision in the manufacturing of the intricate screw shafts essential for our pumps, Houttuin employs specially designed CNC machines. Equally crucial, each pump undergoes both hydrostatic and running tests at our dedicated facility to closely simulate real-duty conditions. 

Houttuin proudly holds ISO 9001 certification and operates manufacturing facilities in Monroe, North Carolina, and Allweiler India, Daman. 


Houttuins technology 

Because they're designed to move fluid at a consistent rate, regardless of pressure, twin-screw pumps deliver results where centrifugal pumps are unable to and are able to actually increase efficiency as viscosity rises. 

But twin-screw pumps don't just offer performance, since they are designed to eliminate metal-on-metal contact which means a longer life, improved reliability and less downtime. 

Why buy Houttuin from AxFlow 

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