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KSR KUEBLER, as part of the WIKA Group, offers an extensive range of high-quality level measuring instruments for each requirement: instruments for level measurement, limit level and software for integrating their devices into the process environment.

What makes KSB Kuebler special 

KSR KUEBLER Niveau-Messtechnik GmbH stands as a well-established provider of instrumentation for level measurement in global process industries. 

In 1962, Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Kübler laid the foundation for KSR KUEBLER in Stuttgart, marking the commencement of a successful 60-year history. The inaugural magnetic switch, initially applied in elevators and automation technology, was succeeded in 1965 by the groundbreaking magnetic float switch, revolutionizing the level measurement market. Notable advancements in KSR KUEBLER's journey include the introduction of the level sensor and the bypass level indicator. 

Over the past decades, KSR Kuebler Niveau-Messtechnik GmbH has solidified its position as a proficient specialist in level measurement. The company's commitment to reliable, technologically advanced products, coupled with a steadfast market focus, has propelled KSR KUEBLER to a prominent global standing. 

The extensive product range provides diverse solutions in level measurement technology, catering to a broad spectrum of requirements. KSR KUEBLER's tailored developments address varied applications across industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, shipbuilding, machinery, plant construction, food production, water treatment, and environmental engineering. Incorporating cutting-edge production techniques, stringent quality management, and securing numerous national and international approvals, KSR KUEBLER upholds the highest standards for quality and maintains a stellar reputation in the industry. 

Why buy KSB Kuebler from AxFlow 

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