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World leader in industrial mixing since 1923, Lightnin has unrivaled experience in industrial mixing technology. The SPX FLOW brand has a global reputation for durable, long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculators for fluid process systems.

What makes Lightnin Special 

Lightnin stands at the forefront of the global agitator market, excelling not only in production but also in pioneering new technologies through extensive research and development efforts. 

Established in 1923 in New York City, Lightnin has steadily grown over its 80 years of operation. Today, the company offers a comprehensive range of agitators, from laboratory-scale equipment to the most massive industrial agitators ever constructed. 

Lightnin's corporate headquarters spans 23,200 square meters in Rochester, New York, housing engineering development, research, manufacturing, and testing facilities all under one roof. Additionally, Lightnin has offices in strategic locations worldwide.

Lightnin’s stand out Research and Development 

Lightnin's headquarters hosts the world's largest laboratory dedicated to studying mixing phenomena. The groundbreaking research conducted here enables Lightnin to offer process-driven results, not just machinery. Whether in laboratory settings, industrial environments, or with Lightnin mixers, expect optimal performance for superior outcomes. 

Having been involved in key developments in mixing technologies since the 1950s, including seminal work on power and flow correlations, Lightnin continues its fundamental research today. Employing cutting-edge tools like laser anemometry and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Lightnin remains at the forefront of innovation. 

Predicting mixing dynamics in large tanks with unusual geometries or specific processes necessitates leveraging Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) data combined with powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs. This formidable combination significantly reduces the need for large-scale or pilot testing, streamlining development processes. 

The heart of an efficient agitation system lies in the impeller. Lightnin, with over 70 years of expertise in fluid agitation and mixing, excels in providing precise and efficient solutions for every application. Lightnin's commitment to research and development has led to a range of modern impellers meeting the exacting needs of diverse processes. From fractions of kilowatts to the world's largest 2500 kW unit, Lightnin's agitators have consistently reduced operational costs for clients globally. 

Why Buy Lightnin from AxFlow 

AxFlow, offers more than just mechanical devices; it provides comprehensive solutions for all your mixing and agitation needs. Our expert consultants guide you through the process, tailoring individual solutions to your specific requirements. With AxFlow, you get more than just a product; you get a partner dedicated to ensuring your success in every application.