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Masterflex® is a leading manufacturer of peristaltic pumps and supplier of tubes, measurement equipment, Single Use products and dosing systems.

What makes MasterFlex Special 

Masterflex started out as a "factory for technical hoses" with just 3 employees and 400 m² of production space in 1987 in Herten/Ruhr area. Today, Masterflex is the technology and world market leader for technical hoses and connection solutions with over 600 employees worldwide. 

What Does MASTERFLEX Manufacture? 

MASTERFLEX® is a leader in the manufacturing of PRECISION LABORATORY PERISTALTIC PUMPS, as well as a wide variety of tubes (peristaltic tubing) designed specifically for these pumps. 

Built to endure, Masterflex® pumps deliver superior dosing precision and repeatability, ensuring optimal performance. These pumps incorporate cutting-edge technology, including cloud connectivity through MasterflexLive®, facilitating easy operation control and peristaltic tubing replacement, all while requiring low maintenance. 

We offer an effortless selection process from the broadest range of precision laboratory peristaltic pumps, including the MASTERFLEX ISMATEC, MASTERFLEX L/S, MASTERFLEX I/P, and MASTERFLEX B/T series. Additionally, we provide various formulations of peristaltic tubing. 

With over 10,000 pump options featuring different fittings, pressures, and controls, you can find the perfect pump to meet your specific needs. 

Why Buy MasterFlex from AxFlow? 

AxFlow serves as your go-to for MASTERFLEX product design and distribution. From setup, maintenance, and repairs to spare parts delivery, AxFlow offers comprehensive services and expertise to support your processes efficiently. Count on us for the most reliable and expert assistance throughout your operational journey.