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MVV was established in the 1942 in Vittorio Veneto as a branch of SNIA Group, and named M.V.V. Meccanico Vittorio Veneto. In this area, MVV has found excellent conditions to develop its mechanical production. The company started producing Rayon pumps, then in the 50s’ launched pumps for other synthetic fibers and in the 70s’ it began to work with finishing pumps.

what type of pumps do Mvv manufacture? 

MVV has supplied over a million of gear pumps and millions of spinnerets for filaments extrusion manufactured to supply the main important chemical fiber industries. In 2012 a pool of private investors acquired MVV and started a new investment plan with a long term strategy backed by robust investments: moving in a new building located in the production area nearby Orsago and recruiting new talented employees.

This new team has brought in the company more than 50 years’ experience on pumps production and high precision mechanical, perfectly tuned with MVV’s core business. The cornerstone of the new MVV is the central role of each individual: from the customers to the suppliers and employees, through the compliance with the commitments and the pursuit of excellence in the product quality.