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Established in 1975, OBL Metering pumps, part of IDEX Group, has one of the largest metering pump portfolios including plunger, mechanical diaphragm and hydraulic diaphragm types.


This vision along with the attentive listening to the voice of the market (driven by customers demanding applications) has led OBL to a leading position in today's metering industry. 

Innovation has been combined with quality (ISO 9001: 2008 certified by RINA Service S.p.a.); quality is pursued in every single aspect: R&D is internal, all suppliers are Italians, accurately screened throughout all procurement steps, all pumps are assembled in OBL operation and individually tested by our expert staff. 


OBL specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of pumps, including mechanical diaphragm pumps, plunger pumps, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic diaphragm pumps. Their plunger and diaphragm type metering pumps offer solutions for various dosing needs, ranging from small doses to flows of 3.5 m3/hr. These pumps are designed with both plastic and metallic wetted parts, available in stainless steel, hastelloy, and constructions of plastic such as PP, PVC, PVDF, and PTFE. OBL's unique patented mechanical diaphragm design ensures linearity between flow rate and percentage of stroke. They offer a wide range of control mechanisms and allow for multiple pump arrangements. Additionally, OBL manufactures plunger metering pumps compliant with API 675 for high-pressure applications, featuring ceramic plungers, simple linear adjustment dials, and suitability for corrosive liquids. Their hydraulic diaphragm pumps combine product containment with high-pressure capabilities, featuring built-in relief valves, air purge valves, mechanically actuated replenishing diaphragms, and compatibility with aggressive fluids. These pumps are available with various actuators, comply with API 675 standards, and offer self-priming capabilities. 

OBL has one of the largest metering pump portfolios' (plunger pumps, mechanical diaphragm pumps, hydraulic diaphragm pumps), combined with in-house designed and assembled state-of-the-art electrical actuators and polymer make-up units (both from dry and liquid status). OBL products are being used in basically all industrial applications (from carwash to off-shore platforms) in the most demanding duties and harshest environmental conditions. First class service and ready-on-the-shelf spare parts availability, together with a large distributors' network, guarantees 24/7 and worldwide presence. 


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