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What makes Pedrollo special 

The Pedrollo brand has a global presence, reaching over 160 countries worldwide, and stands as a testament to the best values of Italian entrepreneurship, emphasizing quality and reliability. These attributes are crucial commercially but also represent a deeper value that has always been at the heart of the company’s operations: respect for people. 

To tangibly demonstrate this ethical commitment, Pedrollo has chosen to implement highly favorable sales terms, firmly believing that water is not a mere commodity for profit but a special resource that must be accessible to everyone. In doing so, the company shows sincere respect for those most in need, demonstrating solidarity and attention. 

Pedrollo is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most efficient, reliable, and authentically original products, a goal achieved through the ongoing efforts of its research and development division. Since its inception in 1974, Pedrollo SpA has reinvested all profits back into the company to ensure constant improvement in processes and products. This approach signifies genuine respect for customers and suppliers. 

Therefore, respect is the cornerstone of Pedrollo's philosophy, a deliberate choice made at the company’s founding, making it a concrete example of a socially responsible company, decades ahead of its time. This orientation, now slowly gaining traction, underscores Pedrollo’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. 

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of centrifugal pumps, producing approximately 2 million units annually, Pedrollo is a key partner for irrigation and pressure boosting systems in private, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Personalized Consultation at AxFlow 

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