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Pentair has the markets largest program within process filtering for liquids. Pentair’s range includes plastic filter houses as well as elements in PP, cotton and active carbon.

What makes Pentair Special 

Founded in 1966 by five individuals with the goal of manufacturing high-altitude balloons, Pentair emerged in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota. The name "Pentair" reflects the Greek roots "penta" for the five founders and "air" for their intended product line. The company rapidly diversified, exploring various industries before ultimately concentrating its portfolio on water treatment and sustainable applications. Pentair's journey included the acquisition of renowned brands, some boasting a legacy of serving customers for over 150 years. 

Pentair, as an entity, is committed to shaping a better world through intelligent and sustainable water solutions. The company contributes to the sustainable movement, improvement, and enjoyment of water, recognized as life's most essential resource. Operating across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, Pentair is dedicated to fostering innovation that supports the thriving of both the planet and its inhabitants. 

The workforce at Pentair, numbering around 11,250 employees globally, is united by the shared purpose of optimizing water, acknowledging it as life's fundamental resource. The company actively engages in initiatives that promote sustainable movement, improvement, and enjoyment of water on a daily basis. 

Why buy Pentair from AxFlow 

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