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Created in 1790, Plenty is SPX Flow brand since 2001. Plenty is recognized as the market leaders in the field of side entry mixing technology for the oil and petrochemical industries.

What Makes Plenty Special 

As the world's leading manufacturer of industrial Mixers, Plenty is dedicated to providing a wide range of products and solutions for side-entry fluid mixing challenges in the industrial agitation sector. 

With a longstanding presence in the industrial Mixers market serving the oil, food oils, and paper industries, Plenty offers proven solutions such as its variable-angle horizontal Mixer and fixed-angle horizontal Mixer. 

Plenty has been a key partner in the paper industry for over 70 years. Many of Plenty's ideas and innovations have become industry standards in this field. 

Plenty's side-entry Mixers are celebrated for their "robustness and high efficiency," setting the industry standard and serving as a benchmark for others. 

This design has technically surpassed any other Mixer on the market due to its high efficiency and advanced technology. To achieve this, Plenty engineered a single-piece helical rotor with an extensive impelling area, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability. 

Mechanical reliability and guaranteed mixing results are the hallmarks of Plenty's horizontal Mixers. Entrust your industrial Mixer installation project to AxFlow for unmatched expertise and support! 

Why buy from AxFlow 

AxFlow offers fluid handling equipment for the widest range of industries and applications. Only at AxFlow do you receive individual advice from industry-experienced process engineers and the selection of the world's leading process technology equipment. Do you need support in selecting the right pump for your needs? Do not hesitate to get in touch. AxFlow's experts and engineers can provide guidance for selecting, specifying, installing, and maintaining your pump