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Quattroflow™, a PSG/Dover company, develops and manufactures single-use and multiple-use Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pumps for critical applications in the biopharmaceutical industry.

What makes Quattroflow Special 

The Quattroflow story unfolds in the vibrant landscape of the 1990s when one of the company's founders, deeply engrossed in the filtration technology sector, faced a unique challenge. A pump was needed, one that could delicately produce a protein solution. Collaborating with another visionary founder, an electric specialist, they birthed a groundbreaking solution – a diaphragm pump adorned with four smooth-action pistons. This innovative marvel laid the foundation for Quattroflow, established in 2000, repurposing an existing electrical installation company's location. 

Quattroflow's relentless pursuit of excellence caught the eye of PSG, a Dover company, leading to its acquisition in 2011. The company's new home became the Almatec manufacturing facility in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. Fast forward to 2018, Quattroflow and Almatec found their abode in Duisburg, Germany. This new headquarters, offering 70% more space, boasts an expansive manufacturing facility and an advanced ISO Class 7 cleanroom, symbolizing the company's remarkable growth journey. 

The Quattroflow Advantage: Redefining Diaphragm Pump Technology 

Quattroflow® stands as a pioneer, crafting quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps tailored for the biopharmaceutical industry's critical applications. These pumps are the epitome of gentle, secure conveyance for shear-sensitive aqueous solutions and biological products. The four-piston design eliminates mechanical shaft seals and wetted rotating parts, ensuring unparalleled product containment sans abrasion. This innovative approach enables risk-free dry running, minimal particle generation, and low pulsation, making Quattroflow pumps ideal for applications like Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), Chromatography (RFC), centrifuge feed, and sterile virus filtration. 

How Quattroflow Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps Revolutionize Biopharma Manufacturing 

Quattroflow Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps operate akin to the human heart, offering an unparalleled model for the secure transfer of biological materials. This unique approach, characterized by low friction, low shear, and low pulsation, makes these pumps indispensable in critical biopharma processes. Applications like purification, inline dilution, and chromatography benefit immensely from the Quattroflow advantage. Additionally, these pumps can be configured with a single-use liquid chamber, aligning seamlessly with the fast-paced demands of contemporary manufacturing, ensuring both efficiency and safety. Quattroflow® has redefined diaphragm pump technology, setting new benchmarks in biopharmaceutical applications.