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SEIM has been on the market for over 40 years with a wide range of certified products, which include screw pumps, heat exchangers and safety valves, intended for various industrial sectors such as energy, petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and metal, automotive, and naval.

What makes Siem Special 

With a market presence exceeding 40 years, SEIM has attained a leadership position by installing over two and a half million screw pumps, heat exchangers, and safety valves worldwide. These installations span various industrial sectors, including Energy, Marine, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, and Industrial (covering areas like Machine Tools, Lubrication and Hydraulics, Mining, Iron and Steel). The extensive product range effectively meets operational demands across diverse applications. 

SEIM's product development is entirely conducted in-house, leveraging decades of experience in screw pump production. The Research and Development department at SEIM follows specific criteria, including fulfilling market demands and collaborating synergistically with customers and distributors. This collaborative approach leads to the creation of new products tailored to meet evolving application needs, encompassing product customization. Additionally, the department focuses on enhancing the already excellent performance of existing SEIM models by incorporating the latest advancements in materials, processing, analysis, and product control systems throughout various phases of production and on the finished product. 

Why buy Siem from AxFlow 

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