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Seital by SPX FLOW supplies separators and clarifiers based on advanced disk stack design and high mechanical efficiency. Seital equipment offers a high level of performance in a wide range of processing industry applications, in particular in the food and beverage industries.

What makes Seital special 

Founded in 1983 in Santorso, Italy, Seital quickly emerged as a global leader in separators, clarifiers, and other process components catering to diverse industries such as dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Acquired by SPX Corporation in 2012, Seital has seamlessly integrated into SPX Flow's portfolio, expanding its reach to clients in over 80 countries. 

Innovative Separation Solutions 

Leveraging deep expertise in fluid dynamics, Seital designs and manufactures advanced centrifugal separation equipment and cost-effective rotary sieves. Their equipment, renowned for easy installation and extended durability, excels in tasks such as foam separation in milk, beer/wine clarification, chemical processing (solvent clarification, biomass concentration, among others), technical fluids (e.g., lubricant purification), and pharmaceutical products (e.g., antibiotic recovery). Seital's engineers offer valuable insights to clients, aiding in maximizing operational efficiency and troubleshooting potential production challenges. 

Comprehensive Services 

Seital goes beyond product provision. Their services encompass meticulous evaluations of existing equipment followed by proposed upgrade plans. These services extend to testing and analyzing entire processes, pinpointing areas ripe for significant improvement. With a flexible customer-centric approach and unique engineering solutions, Seital is your go-to partner for cutting-edge separation and clarification technologies. 

Choose Seital Separation Technology and embrace unmatched expertise, innovative solutions, and exceptional services for your separation and clarification needs. 

Why but Seital from AxFlow 

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