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Tuma offers application-specific pumps and pump systems for industrial use in all industries.

TUMA Pump Systems - A Member of the AxFlow Group 

Since December 2020, Vienna-based company TUMA Pumpensysteme has been a part of AxFlow Austria, making it a proud member of the AxFlow Group. TUMA enhances AxFlow's expertise in pump service and system integration, specializing mainly in vacuum and centrifugal pumps. The company boasts a modern warehouse and a workshop equipped with one of Austria's few test benches for vacuum pumps. 

Top-notch Service and Intelligent Solutions 

TUMA has been a qualified pump specialist for over 60 years, operating nationally and internationally. Today, it focuses on developing innovative system solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge international pump technology, including pump components and electric motors, TUMA crafts tailor-made special and individual products for the industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors. Their services span sales, engineering, optimizations, plug & play systems, and maintenance, primarily for vacuum and centrifugal pumps. Their core industries include mechanical engineering, plant construction, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and plastics. 

ISO-Certified Excellence 

TUMA's commitment to comprehensive quality assurance is reflected in the reliability of their products. As an ISO-certified company, TUMA exclusively uses components sourced from certified production facilities. Their goal is to ensure customers high performance across all their systems and solutions. 

Why buy TUMA from AxFlow 

AxFlow offers fluid handling equipment for the widest range of industries and applications. Only at AxFlow do you receive individual advice from industry-experienced process engineers and the selection of the world's leading process technology equipment. Do you need support in selecting the right pump for your needs? Do not hesitate to get in touch. AxFlow's experts and engineers can provide guidance for selecting, specifying, installing, and maintaining your pump